dimarts, 1 de març de 2016

Creating recipes with the 5th grader students

In order to summarise the threatre play, the 5th grade students have invented a recipe. We have worked in groups of 3 or 4 children and we have used the dictionaries.
After three days, today we have finished it!!!

We have divided the recipe in three different parts:
1. Ingredients we need;
2. Utensils we need;
3. Method to create the recipe.

When we have finished, we have done a little presentation to Nathalie. It's a little bit embarassing but we have spoken some English.

Here are some examples of the 5th C class.

dimecres, 24 de febrer de 2016

The HOURS in English

This information is about how to say the HOURS in English. Look at this video and you will understand a little bit more. If not, look at this picture.

Here are some more examples. 

If you still don't understand, look at this video. In the video, you will see a clock with an hour. First think what time it is. After, the video will give you the correct answer. 

And if you still don't understand, here there is a GAME for you to play. 



dimarts, 16 de febrer de 2016


Today we have gone to the municipal theatre. We walked there and we saw a play called "The lemon thieves". The story is about a robbery (of two lemons!) at the TV studio. Claire Custard, the TV presentar, calls a detective called Frank Peel and they investigate the robbery. Mrs Pears helps them out in the market. At the end, they find out it's Lucy Locket and she says "sorry" to Claire Custard. Claire Custard writes a book about the robbery and asks for Lucy's help: Lucy has to draw a picture for the book. 

The students participated in the play and they were all very excited. We really enjoyed the play!!! Here are some photos. 

Letter Project in 6th A

The 6th grade A students also participate in the project letter. They have written the letters in a coloured paper with special coloured pens. They also put a photo of theirselves in the letter so then their penfriend knows who it is. 

They are really excited!!!! They love this different activity!!!

dimarts, 2 de febrer de 2016

Letter Project in the 5th Grade

The children of the 5th grade are also taking part in this project. They have written a letter to their penfriend talking about three different topics:
1. Introducing themselves and a small physical description;
2. Their families and their pets;
3. Their likes and dislikes.

Their letter was written in a coloured paper with coloured pens. Finally, they decorated the envelopes with the coloured pens.

They all enjoyed this activity!! Now they are waiting for their letters to arrive from Tossa!!!!